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Sisterhood Playing Cards

Can A Deck Of Cards Change The World?

The SISTERHOOD Deck increases awareness and representation of shared conditions, experiences, and concerns. Every court card prompts meaningful discussion. Perfect for gameplay, magic, and cardistry.

Sisterhood Playing Cards Tuck Boxes Red Blue

Spark conversations that can alter the course of history.

‘Strength Queen’ Stat: 11% of those who participated in our survey say the situation for women magicians is improving.

Picture a child interested in magic. Are you thinking of a young boy wearing a top hat and cape? Our ‘Kid Magician Queen’ aims to challenge this assumption.

‘Escape Queen’ Stat: 64% of those who filled out the survey believe that audiences have biases about magic based on the perceived gender of the magician they are watching.

Queen of Clubs Sisterhood Playing Cards Elder Queen

The ‘Elder Queen’ includes all four suits and represents: Wisdom, Matriarchy, Perspective, Experience, and Mentorship.

Of 561 female magicians worldwide, 230 participated in our

 Groundbreaking Survey

A Vehicle for Information

Every court card connects to a survey statistic. Comes with a printed guide.

Playing Cards

are one of the world’s oldest and most beloved functional art forms.

Widespread Familiarity

and acceptance make them an ideal communication tool to spread a message.



Empower. Support. Educate.
Statistics discovered here mimic many other male-dominated fields. Magic is a microcosm.

Representation Matters

Images like these have NEVER appeared on playing cards,

“The SISTERHOOD Deck is the first of its kind”

“Playing cards have existed in some form for thousands of years. They are beloved worldwide for entertaining and collecting. Despite the millions of custom decks available, the SISTERHOOD Deck is the first of its kind. Female figure court cards representing real-world statistics, plus the designer Ace of Hearts and diptych jokers, make this a unique deck of cards, with incredible potential.”¬†

– Lee Asher, President of 52 Plus Joker