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Rosemary Reid
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Ashley Paris Keindel
Ashley Paris Keindel
17:46 31 Aug 23
Rosemary was absolutely amazing at my parent’s 50th Anniversary dinner! She was a pleasure to deal with to book & get organized for the event, and everyone was so entertained (and thoroughly bewildered!) by her awesome show. I would highly recommend her for your event - she will wow and shock your guests with her magic!
Hailey Gilligan
Hailey Gilligan
18:17 28 Aug 23
Rosemary gave our entire family, of every age, an extremely memorable and magical evening! She was professional and fascinating at every moment and really inspired us all to reimagine who magicians can be. I highly recommend her for any occasion! Thank you Rosemary!
Prince Khan
Prince Khan
14:51 24 Aug 23
Fun, engaging, and professional. Rosemary brings a wealth of entertainment with her magic shows. We run an annual program, and we use her every year to spice up our wrap up events. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to provide a unique twist to their events/meetings/gatherings!
Jothi Chhinzer
Jothi Chhinzer
13:26 24 Aug 23
Rosemary does a fantastic job engaging the audience and performing magic. We have hired her for her services for several years and look forward to the next time as well!
Chloe Michaela
Chloe Michaela
22:37 22 Aug 23
A great show. Her performance was amazing; her personality, commentary, and trickery left me in awe.I also loved my taro card reading with her, and the cute photo souvenir when we finished!
Maribel Arguelles
Maribel Arguelles
19:08 20 Aug 23
I had the pleasure to assist the wonderfully talented Ms Reid and was blown away! I still can’t figure out how she did that damn card trick!Definitely entertaining for all magic lovers! And she reads tarot cards?!?! Couldn’t be a more perfect evening.
Scott Whittaker
Scott Whittaker
21:27 17 May 23
Rosemary’s performance was fantastic. You were standing right next to her and could not for the life of me see how she performed her magic. When I saw her, she was in a corporate event setting and was very personable and approached people with ease. Highly recommended for your events
Craig Brady
Craig Brady
19:36 17 May 23
Rosemary came to our big corporate event and took everyone's breath away with her magic. She was punctuation and very professional and kept the crowd engaged throughout the entire time she was with us. Executives and employees have reached out to me since to have her contact so they can have her at future events. Thank you so much Rosemary as you exceeded my expectations and deserve way more Than 5 stars.
Bella Pamajewon
Bella Pamajewon
15:01 20 Dec 22
Rosemary was a delight to deal with! When I initially reached out to her, I had no idea what to expect or request of her. All I knew is that I needed an entertainment aspect for a Christmas party and she worked with me to create the perfect evening for my guests. Rosemary went above and beyond my expectations and brought together a marvelous team who gave our guests a one of a kind experience. Thank you for a night we won't forget!
18:43 15 Sep 22
Rosemary is amazing. She is engaging and an incredible performer and she kept our event guests entertained and smiling. I would highly recommend her to any planner wanted to elevate their event.
Lizzy Hadler
Lizzy Hadler
15:41 15 Sep 22
We have had the pleasure of working with Rosemary twice for our client events. Rosemary is fantastic at entertaining everyone and getting different groups of people chatting and laughing away. Can’t say enough good things! Plus the magic tricks are awesome!!!
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Toronto’s Favourite Magician for private parties &  corporate events.

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“So, why aren’t there more female magicians?”


in Action…

In nearly two decades of involvement with the magic community, this is the question Toronto Female Magician Rosemary Reid has been asked most often. So, when she became the first solo woman performer to take the stage at Canada’s only one-day magic convention The Browser’s Bash, she wrote and performed a live version of the video below.


As the host of an event, creating an environment that makes it easy to mix and mingle is essential. A shared experience breaks the ice quickly and lets the good times roll.

My job is to give your party wings so it can take on a life of its own. Your guests will appreciate and remember your unique way of starting the party and be talking about it long after the night ends.

For any event where guests will be mingling, including weddings, cocktail hours, holiday parties, fundraisers, barbecues, birthday parties, nightclubs etc.


Does your event require a wow factor – a big welcome to start off the evening, or a grand finale that they’ll be talking about until next year? Invite your guests to be part of a formal show. WIth lots of audience participation, they’ll love seeing their friends and colleagues up on stage. Lots of laughter and amazement will bring your group together and leave them with an experience they’ll be talking about for ages.

For any event where guests will be sitting down as a unified audience such as weddings, adult birthday parties, corporate parties etc. Flexible in time, and works great in tandem with strolling magic.

“Rosemary impressed us with her card tricks, always a good thing, but what really dazzled us was her wit and personality. She was at ease before she even sat down; funny, fast, and delightful.”
Sam Mooney


“You were terrific! It was so nice to meet you! We even had clients email us and tell us what a great time they had! Thanks for being so interactive with our guests. Can’t wait to work with you again.”
Sarah Velut

Private Party

“Rosemary MADE our event. Her magic was mind-blowing, unlike any other magician I’ve seen, and we really can’t wait to bring her back. Our guests are still talking about how much they enjoyed watching her on stage, and even more when she came around to their tables!”
Alexandra Mace


“From our first communication Rosemary was a pleasure to work with – in fact, she was the one aspect of the party I didn’t have to worry about.”
Joanne Beech

Private Party

Author: The Real Deal

Magician and researcher Rosemary Reid shines light on underrepresented figures throughout playing card history in her compelling monthly articles published in the world’s largest playing card collectors association, 52 Plus Joker’s digital CARD CULTURE Magazine.

Through Rosemary’s magical lens, the stories of these underrepresented individuals come to life, transcending the pages and igniting the passion of collectors, enthusiasts, and experts worldwide, who read her column every month. Rosemary’s expertise and passion lend authority to her magic performances, making her a revered voice in this niche.

Whether it’s a corporate gathering or private party, Rosemary’s extraordinary ability to blend magic and storytelling will leave your guests enthralled and talking about the event for years to come.

The Real Deal: Annette Abolins

With an accompanying article, Abolins’ VIZAĜO playing card back design decorates the cover of this issue of CARD CULTURE Magazine.

The Real Deal: Ann Kenyon

“From the late 1920s to the early 1930s, Ann Kenyon was a well-known American (Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania) card manipulator and magician…”

The Real Deal: Gabrielle Ione Hickmon

Rosemary’s article on the data-based playing card deck How You Play Spades Is How You Play Life introduces this important project to the world of playing card collectors, making the cover of CARD CULTURE Magazine.

The Real Deal: Pamela Colman Smith

Smith designed the world’s most popular Tarot card deck in under four month’s time. She has only begun to receive credit for her work in the 21st century, despite millions of these decks being sold worldwide for over a century.

Choosing entertainment for your party or event feels like an incredibly important decision. It plays a vital role in setting the mood, creating ambience and atmosphere and making your event unique.

Customizing my appearances to fit your event’s specific needs means connecting with you personally. We’ll establish the vibe you’re going for, then I’ll help you create it using my event expertise and industry connections (when required).

When you’re ready to add the WOW factor to your event, contact me at // 647-526-7673