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“So, why aren’t there more female magicians?”


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In nearly two decades of involvement with the magic community, this is the question Toronto Female Magician Rosemary Reid has been asked most often. So, when she became the first solo woman performer to take the stage at Canada’s only one-day magic convention The Browser’s Bash, she wrote and performed a live version of the video below.


As the host of an event, creating an environment that makes it easy to mix and mingle is essential. A shared experience breaks the ice quickly and lets the good times roll.

My job is to give your party wings so it can take on a life of its own. Your guests will appreciate and remember your unique way of starting the party and be talking about it long after the night ends.

For any event where guests will be mingling, including weddings, cocktail hours, holiday parties, fundraisers, barbecues, birthday parties, nightclubs etc.


Does your event require a wow factor – a big welcome to start off the evening, or a grand finale that they’ll be talking about until next year? Invite your guests to be part of a formal show. WIth lots of audience participation, they’ll love seeing their friends and colleagues up on stage. Lots of laughter and amazement will bring your group together and leave them with an experience they’ll be talking about for ages.

For any event where guests will be sitting down as a unified audience such as weddings, adult birthday parties, corporate parties etc. Flexible in time, and works great in tandem with strolling magic.

“Rosemary impressed us with her card tricks, always a good thing, but what really dazzled us was her wit and personality. She was at ease before she even sat down; funny, fast, and delightful.”
Sam Mooney


“You were terrific! It was so nice to meet you! We even had clients email us and tell us what a great time they had! Thanks for being so interactive with our guests. Can’t wait to work with you again.”
Sarah Velut

Private Party

“Rosemary MADE our event. Her magic was mind-blowing, unlike any other magician I’ve seen, and we really can’t wait to bring her back. Our guests are still talking about how much they enjoyed watching her on stage, and even more when she came around to their tables!”
Alexandra Mace


“From our first communication Rosemary was a pleasure to work with – in fact, she was the one aspect of the party I didn’t have to worry about.”
Joanne Beech

Private Party

The truth is, if you’re not yet convinced that I am the classiest, sassiest and most badassiest of all the magicians in the land, it’s unlikely anything I write here is going to change your mind.

Which is to say, if my TEDx talk did not impress you and my participation in a music video viewed over 200 000 times did not astound you… if muggles running away from me crying ‘WHAT IS THIS SORCERY’ did not have you thinking ‘this lady is like a female David Blaine I MUST book her RIGHT NOW!’… it’s unlikely that discovering I learned everything I know at magic camp and really like the Grateful Dead and have a degree in acting is going to tip the scales in my favour. [If you’re American, that’s not a spelling error, it’s just houw we do it here in Canada].

So, whatever you do, take care of your shoes!