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Experience The Magic With Rosemary Reid

Toronto's Premier Magician & Tarot Card Reader
Toronto’s Favourite Magician, Rosemary Reid
Rosemary Reid is more than a magician, she’s a master of connection. Her performances and readings are mesmerizing and also deeply personal, leaving audiences in awe and yearning for more. Her charm is magnetic, her illusions seamless, and her passion infectious.

Why We Love Recommending Rosemary:

Rosemary’s professionalism and reliability are unparalleled. She offers customized experiences, tailored to your event’s needs. Her versatility and flexibility allow her to adapt to any situation, while her positive energy and charisma light up any room. She seamlessly integrates into your event, aligning with your image and brand.
An events professional for almost two decades, Rosemary is the first female magician to perform on CHCH News, and Breakfast Television National news, who named her Toronto’s Favourite Magician. 


Professional TAROT CARD Readings

Amazing MAGIC Performances

Indulge in an enchanting experience that adds a new dimension to every party: intimate, one-on-one tarot readings by Toronto’s Premier Tarot Card Reader, Rosemary Reid. These short, personalized readings weave a tapestry of connection and depth, leaving guests with a profound sense of wonder.


  • Intuitive, Supportive and Uplifting
  • Personalized, individual readings
  • 3 – 7 minutes long, depending on number of guests
  • Guests receive Polaroid photo of their tarot spread 

Experience the impossible with Rosemary Reid. More than a traditional magic show, Rosemary offers a unique, immersive experience that captivates and engages. Witness the impossible unfold before your eyes, perfect for both intimate gatherings and large-scale events.


  • World-class sleight of hand magic
  • Unique option for private & corporate events
  • Several packages available to choose from
  • Perfect compliment to Distillery District’s ambience

Tarot Package Options


Indulge in a personalized Tarot Reading with Rosemary while savoring expertly crafted cocktails inspired by the cards. This pairing creates a sensory journey where the flavors of the drinks harmonize with the insights gained from the tarot, resulting in a truly immersive experience.


Creates a lively, fun and magical atmosphere perfect for your event. Short, personalized readings weave a tapestry of connection and depth, leaving your guests with a profound sense of wonder. They receive a Polaroid photo of their reading enhancing the party’s ambience as they share and discuss their discoveries. It creates a cherished keepsake that lasts forever. Readings are safe, friendly and approachable.

Magic Package Options


Experience the thrill of close-up magic with Rosemary Reid. As guests circulate through the party, they can join Rosemary at a designated table for short, interactive performances that will leave them spellbound.


Immerse in the wonder of mingling magic with Rosemary Reid. As she moves among your guests, Rosemary captivates small groups or individuals with her sleight-of-hand tricks, ensuring an intimate and unforgettable experience.




Experience the grandeur of a formal magic show with Rosemary Reid. Perfect for larger audiences, Rosemary showcases her sleight of hand talents on stage, weaving together intricate magic, storytelling, music, and theatre into a mesmerizing spectacle.

Curious about a custom option for a specific event? Rosemary is passionate about helping you realize your vision.

Share your hopes and requirements for a completely customized, magical option for your next event.

The Ultimate Package For Your Event


Guaranteed to astound and captivate, your guests experience the ultimate blend of magic and mysticism with the Magic+Tarot Experience. Delight in individual Tarot Readings followed by your choice of Table, Mingling, or a Formal Magic show. Your best choice for an unforgettable event.

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“Fermenting Cellar over-delivered. Spacious, stylish and versatile.

Highly recommend the attached VIP room with their resident magician performing strolling close-up magic. My clients are still talking about their experience. Thanks Distillery! 

Andrew Myers

Green Living Enterprises | 250 Attendees | Fermenting Cellar

“Run, don’t walk, to host your event at Toronto’s breathtaking Distillery District.

Held our staff appreciation party at Cluny’s Bistro, including both the Tarot Card Reading and Magic experiences. WOW! My go-to spot for all future parties and events in Toronto.

Naiya Mehta

Amazon | 25 Guests| Cluny's Bistro

Our wedding night was extra magical thanks to the captivating ambience at Archeo, plus a live performer sharing mind-boggling sleight-of-hand.

Combined with their emcee services to ward off boring wedding speeches, the whole evening was incredible, guests were always having fun!

Lindsay & Josh Allen

Wedding | 85 Guests | Archeo

Ready to add a touch of magic? Book Rosemary now and make your Distillery District event an unforgettable experience.